Llop de Mar

Brief history of the club

Ending 1979 a group of people with boats stranded on the beach, become associated in order to organize the space on the beach, arrange the places of beaching and joint their own services.

In the beginning "Llop de Mar" was located on the beach with wooden beds, boats of 4m and buoys to mooring boats during the summer.

In the 1980s, when the Port of Sant Feliu was discontinued as a commercial port, the "Generalitat de Catalunya" began to talk about the reorganization of the bay spaces, with the reinforcement of the breakwater and the construction of a Yacht Club.

It is in 2000 when the remodelling of the port begins to develop and in 2006 "Llop de Mar" moves to its current location, in the east corner on the beach of Sant Feliu, with 135 quadrangles to beach for boats of 4 and 5 meters and two walkways with 100 moorings for winter and 150 for summer by a maximum boats length of 7m.

From the beginning, "Llop de Mar" has been defined as a non-profit, popular nautical association whose main objective is to bring the sea and the navigation to the popular classes. "Everybody can enjoy the sea with no large economic expenses".